Guide 2022: Playing Agent Fade Abilities & Tips

Guide 2022: Playing Agent Fade abilities & tips.

Guide Fade Valorant Philippines

Introducing Fade, Valorant’s agent 20

Thanks to Riot Games, we had the opportunity to test Fade, the new Initiator of Valorant. It will be released on servers with patch 4.08, and act 3 of episode 4, available from Wednesday April 26th. Fade is a particularly good character for stalking/hunt. There is no doubt that players will be able to integrate it into future compositions.

Fade Gameplay Reveal Official Trailer

Who is Fade?

Fade is an Agent from Turkey and Istanbul in particular. According to John Goscicki, Character Producer, every effort has been made to make her as authentic as possible, even in her abilities. For example, its prowler takes the form of a cat, as a reminder of the very large population of felines that roam the streets of Istanbul.

Valorant Fade Artwork Agent 20

Turkish bounty hunter Fade unleashes the power of raw nightmare to seize enemy secrets. Attuned with terror itself, she hunts down targets and reveals their deepest fears – before crushing them in the dark.

Associated with the theme of terror, she has a very dark side, both in her outfit and in her abilities. Her spell kit isn’t very colorful, focusing mostly on black, red, and shades of blue and purple. Able to blind his opponents, stalk them, make them deaf or even restrict their movements, Fade will make them live a real nightmare. If Sova also has the ability to collect information on his enemies, Fade offers new perspectives that could well impact his presence in the games.

Using Fade’s abilities

Fade is a stalking specialist. Its competences are therefore all directed in this direction. They thus make it possible to obtain a lot of information on the position of the opponents, but also to impact their decision-making by reducing their vision or their audio.

Prowler (C):

250 credits – 1 charge. EQUIP a prowler. FIRE to launch the prowler in front of you. HOLD FIRE to guide the prowler in the direction of your reticle. The prowler chases the first enemy or follows the first trail of terror he sees. If it hits an enemy, it makes them myopic.

Fade Valorant Ability Prowler

Equips the agent with a creature that looks for enemies and helps clear angles, much like a Skye flash. Additionally, you can also control this ability like the Skye flash by holding down your fire and moving the mouse.

Seize (Q):

Available automatically – 1 charge – recharges after 40s. EQUIP yourself with a terrifying observer. PULL to throw it. The observer falls after a certain time. REUSE the skill to knock the spotter down earlier. The Watcher unleashes upon impact, revealing enemies in their line of sight and creating trails of terror that lead to them. Enemies can destroy the watcher.

As the name Seize suggests, the ability sticks to the ground, attaching itself to the agent in its area of effect. The orb can be equipped and thrown much like a Phoenix’s molly, however, you can make the orb drop sooner by pressing the ability key once again.

Fade Valorant Ability Seize

The enemies tethered by this ability will suffer 75 decay damage and will be deafened in the process as well. Seize lasts for 5 seconds and after the decay debuff expires, enemies will see their HP return to normal.

Haunt (E):

200 crédits – 2 charges. EQUIP a Raw Fear Knot (an orb). PULL to throw it. The knot falls off after a while. REUSE the skill to drop the knot earlier. On impact, the node bursts and binds nearby enemies. Held enemies are deafened and their HP decays.

After activating Haunt, throw (the orb travels like a Phoenix’s molly) this in the middle of a crossfire to reveal all the enemies. Additionally, a trail debuff will infest your opponents for 12 seconds, allowing you to monitor them for that duration.

Fade Valorant Ability Haunt

This ability looks like Reyna’s flash, allowing players to shoot and break it.

Nightfall, Fade’s Ultimate

EQUIP the Nightmare power. FIRE to send an unstoppable wave of nightmarish energy. Enemies caught in the wave leave a trail of terror behind them, are deafened, and their HP decays.

When Fade uses her ultimate ability Nightfall, it equips her with an orb that activates upon using the left click. Once activated, it sends out a wave of dark mist, much like Breach’s ultimate.

Fade Valorant Ultimate Nightfall

Enemies in the path of the wave see a decay apply to them along with a deafening. You can also see a trail to the opponent if the enemy stands in by Fade’s Nightfall.

Conclusion about Agent Fade

To learn more about the new Agent Fade and how to use his skills, check out our guide regularly! As soon as the Fade agent is available in the Philippines (Hong Kong and Singapore servers), FrenchBalut will analyze for you how this agent works and its impact in a game, and will share its counters and attack and defense strategies with you.


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