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Filipinos Streamers! Get more visibility from Google through this page!

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How do I display my stream on this amazing page?

To make your stream appear on this page, you must follow 3 criteria:

Make sure that the:
1) language of your stream is in Tagalog;
2) Twitch category is selected on the Valorant game;
3) keyword FrenchBalut is in the title of your stream. (Example: I support FrenchBalut, I love FrenchBalut etc…)

[streamweasels game=”VALORANT” language=”tl” limit=”15″ layout=”wall”]

More visibility for your Twitch channel!

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*This free initiative comes from the creativity and generosity of FrenchBalut, this feature helps support Filipinos streaming on Twitch and who are located in the Philippines. Also discover the TOP 10 favorite Filipino streamers 2022 from FrenchBalut. This page is referenced on Google and other search engines, their users can discover your channel through this page. This gives you more visibility for your channel. 😎

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