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Become a VIP

VIP status offers many advantages, such as the VIP badge on FrenchBalut’s Twitch channel chat. But this status is not accessible to everyone.

Only sincerely active viewers/friends will be able to win this grail.

This status does not depend on a given amount of money, everyone has a chance to become a VIP.

To find out the conditions of eligibility for this prestigious status, you can consult all the information on the dedicated page of our website “How to become a VIP?“.

FrenchBalut is grateful to all active and less active viewers and friends. The !lurk command is active in the chat of the Twitch channel, it’s a simple and free way to support FrenchBalut.

Note 1: Please make sure NOT to mute the stream (Twitch Player), but to mute the tab of your browser (ex: Google Chrome) instead. This way, your view is still counted when you lurk!

Note 2: When you are on the FrenchBalut stream, remember to collect your channel points regularly (Balut Coins).

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