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Channel Points

All About Twitch Channel Points

Twitch Channel Points is a feature that was implemented on Twitch a few months ago.
Channel points are therefore points that we will be able to earn on each affiliated (or partner) Twitch channel, knowing that the points earned on a channel are only valid on this channel, they will not be valid on a other. As a viewer, you earn points by watching the “French Balut” stream. So you can get rewards, and as a streamer, we can configure these famous points and define personalized rewards. On the “FrenchBalut” stream, you can use these channel points to highlight a message, play sounds like “Yamete Kudasai” or “Wee Wee” and many more.

As a viewer

The easiest way to earn channel points is simply by watching a live stream of FrenchBalut since you can earn 10 points every 5 minutes of live and 50 points every 15 minutes by being active (ex: by writing messages in chat). By the way, be aware that if you subscribe to a channel of FrenchBalut, some winnings are doubled.
But you can also earn points with other events:

  • By participating in a raid

  • Following a channel

  • Watching several lives in a row

  • 1st Cheer

  • 1st Subscription Gift

  • etc…

In short, earning points is very easy if you watch a channel regularly.

Then, we will be able to spend the points earned to obtain rewards.

earn points channel twitch

There are basic rewards (unlocking a random subscriber emoticon, modifying an emoticon, highlighting their message in the chat…), and each streamer can define personalized rewards on their channel. For example, on my channel, upon reaching 4999 points, you can claim a live French Kiss 😘 from FrenchBalut himself. Incredible isn’t it?

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