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As a viewer, if you have made a donation that you regret after a certain time, it is possible to have this donation reimbursed. Keep in mind that a donation should only be made if you have the desire and the financial capacity.

It is still possible to request a refund through the donation alert system, but the streamer will not pay a fee.

Refunds on Twitch

For recurring subscriptions, you can cancel your subscription up to 24 hours before your subscription renewal date (which can be viewed on the Twitch Subscriptions page). To do this, select the “Do not renew” option in your subscription settings.

Refunds Bits

If Bits are purchased and Cheered, this action cannot be reversed / refunded except for technical issues, suspected fraudulent activity with a particular purchase, or where otherwise mandated by law. Please see the Terms of Sale of Twitch for additional information.

Abuse of refund policy

Submitting excessive refund requests or attempting to abuse refund processes is against Twitch policies and could result in limited access to products or services and/or suspension or termination of your account.

Refunds Paypal

You can request a refund for a donation from Paypal by opening a dispute. You can open a dispute within 180 days of a transaction. If you haven’t found common ground with the streamer within 20 days of opening a dispute, you can escalate it to a complaint. That is, ask PayPal to investigate and then intervene. Please note, PayPal reserves the right not to accept your request for reimbursement of your donation.

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