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Twitch is a fantastic place to watch some of the best gamers in the world play and stream your favorite games. Today, if you want to support your favorite streamer, “FrenchBalut” in particular, you have the possibility to make a donation on the Twitch channel. You can therefore finance the work and thus improve the quality of the stream and help it create Even better content! In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to donate on Twitch.

What are Twitch Bits?

Bits are a virtual currency used by Twitch as an alternative way for viewers to financially support creators and streamers. While viewers can support their favorite streamers through tiered memberships, Twitch Prime memberships, or real-money donations, Bits are more considered encouragement more commonly known as cheers rather than donations. Here is the article that tells you how to donate bits on Twitch.

How do I donate on Twitch via Paypal?

Donating directly to a streamer on Twitch means they receive 100% of your donation. Twitch does not charge a single penny for its use. To donate to a streamer, they must have set it up themselves through a third-party company like Paypal. The paypal.me service makes it easy to create a link to receive money, most streamers who know how to stream on Twitch incorporate this link in the biography of their Twitch profiles. Hence the importance of not changing your Twitch nickname. Here is the PayPayl link of FrenchBalut: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/FrenchBalut (Off Stream).

  1. Once you’re signed in, locate the Twitch streamer you want to support and open their channel.
  2. On his channel page, scroll down to the bottom and find a donation link.
  3. When you click on the donation link, you will be taken to a page that you must fill out containing your personal information such as your Twitch username, the amount you wish to donate as well as your donation message.
  4. Once you have completed each field, click on the “donate” button. At the bottom of the screen.
  5. After clicking on “donate”, you access a page allowing you to submit your payment information, in other words, your email address and your Paypal password if your account is not already registered.

Donate Paypal Twitch

How to donate from the donation page?

As with donations via PayPal, the link is often in the description of the Twitch channel. You can find its buttons by scrolling down the page. Then put your Nickname, the amount of the donation. The donation will normally be displayed on the stream directly with an audible alert. The streamer gets back around 90% of what you gave them, taking into account PayPal fees. PayPal charges transaction fees for each donation. Currently, PayPal charges a flat fee of $0.49 plus a 2.89% fee per transaction. So if you receive a $1 donation on Twitch, you will only receive $0.48 from PayPal and for a $100 donation on Twitch you will get $96.62.

Here is the PayPayl link of FrenchBalut: https://streamlabs.com/frenchbalut/tip (On Stream).

Other Twitch donation services

Many Twitch streamers now offer the option to subscribe to their channel. This subscription usually costs around 120PHP per month, depending on the category you want to subscribe to. Subscribers get special privileges within the channel, including chat and emoticon features.

Subscribing to a streamer is a great way to support your favorite streamer. That said, unlike donations, the Twitch streamer does not receive the full cost of the subscription, as Twitch also takes a cut.

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