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French Balut Discord Roles

On the Discord server of the “French Balut” gaming community, you will find different roles which each have their specificities and permissions.

Here’s the full list of your favorite Streamer’s Discord roles 😛:

  1. Admin“, There’s only one, and that’s French Balut at the moment.
  2. VIP“, These are the irreproachable members who have proven their loyalty over time. They have privileged access to the VIP channel.
  3. Moderator“, There are none at the moment, but when the community will be more substantial, one or more positions will be available.
  4. Member“, are people who have accepted the rules of Discord, they are both players and Streamers. They have access to all channels (except the VIP channel).
  5. Streamer“, are the streamers faithful friends of French Balut. They also have the role of full member.
  6. 🔴 LIVE: Streamer“, are the streamers who are currently streaming. This role is automatically obtained when a streamer member of the server is live. These streamers have linked their Discord profile to their Twitch account.
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