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How To Link Twitch To Discord

Discord is a tool that allows you to interact and communicate with other players and viewers in the Philippines and around the world. You can not only speak to them, but you can also hear what other people are saying to you.

And if you’re a streamer, you can have your profile and stream appear while you’re live directly on other Discord servers you’re a member of. This feature is a major asset to grow your community.

This is how to link and integrate your Twitch account to Discord:

  1. Open the Discord App/ Discord on Google Chrome for exemple.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon on the bottom of the Discord window
  3. Then, you’ll find the menu pane on the left, and see Users Settings, and click on “Connections“.
  4. Next, select the Twitch icon on ‘Connect Your Accounts’ box. That’s it! Almost.
stream appear other discord server

Make streamer members appear when they streaming.

You need to create a channel, to create a specific role when members of your community will be streaming.

  1. Create an announcement channel that will be dedicated only to this kind of notifications.
  2. Go to Server Settings > Role
  3. Then adjust new permission

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