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Server Boost Discord

Do you want to share very special advantages with the French Balut community? With Server Boosts, you will be able to unlock new and improved group benefits for the Discord server and share those epic benefits with the rest of the server community!
By boosting the FrenchBalut Discord server, you will benefit from many advantages such as scalable badges.

✨Level 1✨ – 2 Server boosts

Level 2✨ – 7 Server boosts

Level 3✨ – 14 Server boosts

  • +50 Emoji slots (for a total of 100 emojis)
  • 128 Kbps audio quality
  • Go Live streams boosted to 720P 60FPS
  • A custom wallpaper for server invites
  • An animated server icon
  • 15 custom sticker slots
  • 3-day archive option from last activity for threads
  • Everything contained in Level 1 plus…..
  • +50 Emoji slots (for a total of 150 emojis)
  • 256 Kbps of audio quality
  • Go Live streams boosted to 1080P 60FPS
  • A server banner
  • File upload limit increases to 50MB (server only)
  • +15 slots for custom stickers (for a total of 30)
  • Ability to archive threads for a week from their last activity
  • Ability to create private threads
  • Custom role icons
  • Everything contained in Level 1 AND Level 2 plus…..
  • +100 Emoji slots (for a total of 250 emojis)
  • 384Kbps audio quality
  • The limit of uploaded files increases to 100MB (only for the server)
  • Custom URL
  • +30 slots for custom stickers (for a total of 60)

The benefits of boost badges


When you boost a server, you’ll also see this new ✨ shiny ✨ badge in your User Profile to show your love for that boosted server!


This badge will scale after reaching a certain milestone in time, as you continue your momentum towards your Server Boost ! 

As long as you continue to boost your favorite server, this badge will continue to evolve as you reach additional ✨✨✨ levels! 


Note: If you only have one boosted server, and you have moved your Server Boost, your badge will be reset to the first level! However, if you have multiple boosted servers, the badge will always be the one that corresponds to your longest Boost period (or the longest time period reached for your Boost).

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