Discord streamers and players in the Philippines

You are welcome to the Discord of “French Balut” ! The Discord streamers and players in the Philippines.
It’s a free and friendly space for you to play and meet active streamers and gamers in the Philippines.

Philippines Discord Link:
Discord Philippines

Discord Streamers Philippines
Discord Streamers Philippines

Before you can access all available channels, you must read and accept the community rules by ticking a small green box. Once done, you will become a member of the gaming community in the Philippines automatically.

Note: Learn how to become a VIP to access the VIP channel on our Discord.

Streamers & Gamers, our Rules of the Discord

The Discord team welcomes you to the French Balut community discord. We ask that you read the rules in their entirety and respect it on the server.

Preamble: The discord staff reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. Any attempted breach of these regulations will be penalized as if the breach of the rule had taken place as soon as the said attempt could be proven. By joining the discord, you directly accept the general conditions of use, our rules. (directly at the bottom, by checking the “Member” role which will give you access to the entire discord).

General: You can share images/gifs unless they are shocking (NSFW) or provocative. You are not allowed to share links, to pornographic & sponsorship sites or sites with offensive or illegal content are prohibited (Spam/Flood, defamation also).

Provocative remarks (religion, jokes, etc.) are strictly prohibited.

Remember to invite your gamer friends or your favorite streamers to join the community.

Salamat and welcome to the Discord Streamers and Players in the Philippines!

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