French Balut recently affiliated Twitch

Twitch channel in the Philippines is now affiliated

French Balut recently affiliated Twitch! The French expat who has been living in the Philippines for 3 years now, has just fulfilled the conditions to be a Twitch affiliate! Indeed, on February 28, 2022, the favorite streamer of Filipinos (well not yet 😂) has just taken all the steps to become a Twitch affiliate.

Good to know: The Streamer “French Balut” used to stream at the same time on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter. By being affiliated, it is with some regret that he is no longer authorized to stream on other platforms (multistreaming). However, he relies on his loyal followers to share his Twitch channel as much as possible, whose ambition is to found a gaming community in the Philippines.

French Balut recently affiliated Twitch

Despite certain restrictions related to the Twitch affiliation contract, this status allows the unlocking of many features. These features allow to entertain and retain the channel’s viewers. Indeed, by being a Twitch affiliate, FrenchBalut can now create new emotes (animated or not), earn income through subscriptions, earn channel points to reward and open many projects around gaming. So YES! French Balut recently affiliated Twitch! And it’s a very good news!

Projects related to this Twitch affiliation

The French Streamer will continue to create funny emotes related to the Philippines, the video games he plays and his country, France.

He also announced news that will delight other streamers looking for visibility, and players as well. The website will feature 2 free directories of active Streamers and active Gamers in the Philippines. The French Balut website will be the ideal place to make new friends who share the passion for video games and streaming.

To learn more about the features of the site, the stream and the Discord, you can consult the FAQ of the site.

Directory of streamers in the Philippines
Directory of gamers in the Philippines

Twitch Affiliate Conclusion

This affiliation will allow great things for the community that the streamer French Balut is building. His channel received this status in just 2 months! Which demonstrates a certain motivation. Without forgetting, a real passion for streaming and gaming. Filipinas, Filipinos stay tuned!

Note: For more information, you can consult the official Twitch affiliation guide.

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